L2 Fearless

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L2 Fearless Reborn

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Server Info 

RateXp = 1000

RateSp = 1000

RatePartyXp = 1000

Adena Rate = 500

Safe Enchant  = 4

Max Enchant  = 16

Normal Enchant Scroll = 75%

Blessed Enchant Scroll = 100%

Morai Armors

Demonic  Weapons

Custom Commands

Balanced Classes

Retail Grand Bosses

Olympiad Heroes Every Week

No Donations

PvP/Pk Color Name

Custom Bosses

Welcome To L2 Fearless 

We are glad that you decided to visit our server's homepage. We are a well known Server, which is really popural among gamers for its development, PvP and great community. We are proud to be one of the best Servers available . We will be glad to see you in-game and in our forums, where you can find news, updates information, participate in discussions or even contribute with your opinion in our server. We wish you have fun playing in our servers.